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Q) Do you carry 1/4 or 1/2 barrels?
A)  No, We only carry 1/6 barrels.

Q) Can I order Miller lite, Bud Lite, or another beer not listed on your       site?
A) No, we list all beers available in 1/6's barrels on our website.

Q) How do I pre-order a keg off of your pre-order pages?
A) Easy, just come in and pay for it.  Pre-orders take 1-3 business days.
    Some beers are seasonal and not always available.  We will check        availibilty when you come in.

Q) Can I order a keg online or over the phone?
A)  No, all keg orders must be placed in person.

Q) How many beers are in a 1/6 barrel keg?
A) 55 twelve ounce servings or 75 nine ounce servings.

Q) Do you rent keg taps?
A) No, we sell new keg taps for $54.99, sorry no returns on taps.

Q) Is there a deposit on the keg.
A) Yes, the deposit is $30.00, which must be paid in cash.

Q) Can I use a credit card on a keg?
A) Yes, but the $30.00 deposit must be paid in cash.

Q) Do your keg taps fit all kegs?
A)  Our taps are a stardard size and fit all domestic kegs.
Our taps do not fit international beers. For example, Hoegarden and     Chimay would need a special tap that we do not sell.

Q) How long can I keep my keg?
A) As long as you like.  You get the $30.00 deposit back when you           return it.

Q) How do I reserve one of your high demand kegs, such as Great     Lakes Christmas Ale, Summer Shandy, Southern Tier Pumpking,     etc.

A) Those beers are on a first come, first serve basis.  Check our           Facebook and twittter for updates. 

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